Recently, my best buddy in the universe (or BBU) asked me to post some info that’s near to his heart.  Not just his, but to over 150,000 gay and lesbian travelers who head to Orlando annually at this time of year.  It’s Gay Days 2011 May 31-June 6!  This event which transpires across the Orlando area encompasses hotels, theme parks, clubs, etc. including Walt Disney World.  For complete details of all events, hotel information and more, be sure to check out the Gay Days link. 

Like anything in life, this event has its supporters and critics.  Personally, I’ve never been to WDW during this time of the year.  I certainly wouldn’t have any issue being there and would have a bigger problem dealing with the Pop Warner crowds.  So, I have to go on hearsay.  I’ve found that has a lot of great information under their Gay and Lesbian at Disney thread.  Check it out for the inside scoop.  Nighty-night!


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