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Welcome to Happy Hour!  The weather today here in the New York area STINKS!  Unless, you love non-stop rain and fog.  All I want to do is escape!  What better way then with a few shots from “My Disney Cocktail Scrapbook”.  Aaaaah, memories…

When I’m on a Disney vacation, this Mommy likes to rreeeelaaaax with a delicious adult beverage.  Mr. MouseEars started keeping a photojournal during our trip last summer.  On a day like today, I really appreciate being able to go back and remember the fun.  To make this even more interesting, I’ll post a recipe or two so you can follow along 🙂 

The Grey Goose Slushie!  The Holy Grail of Epcot cocktails.  Found in France.  Ooo La La!  Here’s a recipe:

1 liter Grey Goose Citron Vodka

250 ml lemon/lime sour mix

lots of ice

Blend with ice or swirl in a slushie machine until drink has an ice slushie texture.

Yak Attack!  I’m slurping this like my life depends on it at Yak and Yeti, inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Couldn’t find an exact recipe but it’s made of the following delicious ingredients:  mango daquiri, Bacardi Light rum and wildberry mix.  I’d let this Yak attack me, anytime.

Margarita, with salt and on the rocks!  Madmen style at Prime Time Cafe inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  And who are those people behind me in MY living room??!

Hey bartender!


The Mrs.

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6 Responses to It’s Gotta Be 5 o’clock Somewhere!

  1. Deb says:

    Great pics! Love a Grey Goose Slushie !!Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Pam says:

    I’m thinking of the rum punch that comes in a hollowed out pineapple at the Polynesian. It’s a meal!

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