This past weekend, I spent Friday and Saturday on a middle school field trip to Music in the Parks in Hershey, Pennsylvania. We had a blast!  But after riding a bus endless hours on the “Hershey Highway” (keep it clean people!) and racing around wonderful Hersheypark , I need a break.  I wanted to post something but was a bit brain dead when this arrived via my friend and blogger, Katy Wolk-Stanley.  So now, for something completely random and a bit naughty so you may want to shoo little ones who can read away from the computer…

Goats on Stuff

Please note: This is still a Walt Disney World related topic because there are goats at Rafiki’s Planet Watch  at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and I am sure they stand on stuff, too.


The Mrs.

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2 Responses to You Really Get My Goat(s)!

  1. No need for the disclaimer…Everything can be tied back to Disney for those like us who love it!

    Found and following you through the Tiggerific Tuesday hop!

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