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Welcome Tiggerific Tuesday Blog Hop…or Bounce readers! Here’s the “sitch”…a friend of mine who also happens to be a gigantic Disney fan, is in the middle of planning a Grand Gathering. A Grand Gathering is a group of 8 or more who are visiting Walt Disney World and staying at a Walt Disney World Resort. At the end of last week she called me with panic and disappointment in her voice. This particular Grand Gathering is a 50th birthday celebration for a friend plus 10 fabulous others at Walt Disney World happening this November. They carefully chose their resort and settled on Disney’s Beach Club. They strategically picked their November timeframe so that the weather, crowds and special events in the parks would all hopefully be in their favor. But then disaster struck! After spending a lot of time deliberating over dining reservations for their group of 11, she was unable to book anything they’d hoped for when her window opened up for advance dining reservations.

For sure, she thought I might have some magical insight. Personally, I’ve never dealt with a complete dining FAIL. I normally have a Plan B. But I’m also in complete charge of all official trip coordination for the MouseEars clan. Organizing a Grand Gathering for 11 is like dealing with a small tour group. Her tour group was about to stage a mutiny!

What she needed was a new plan of attack. Here’s what I came up with…

My Suggestion: Call for the ADR’s and speak to a reservationist.

And Then What Happened: She already tried that. Called three times and dealt with mostly useless individuals except for one who seemed to be making some headway…and then disconnected her!

My Suggestion: Go to the online reservation system and try looking at all available reservations for the dates and times she was hoping for and come up with a suitable alternate.

And Then What Happened: We both went online and were able to pull up some dining options. This included breaking up the party of 11 into a group of 6 and 5. It also meant looking at different dates for the locations they chose, which would ultimately result in changing up their overall touring plan. In the end though, they’d at least get to eat at the places they loved!

My Final Suggestion: Book the alternate dining reservations they could find, so at least they’d have a confirmed seat…somewhere! Then, continue to check the system for potential cancellations. They could even check at their resort when they arrived. Heck, she could even check with the podium at each restaurant for potential cancellations on the day of!

So now all you peeps in blog-o-land, got any other tricks up your sleeve? And if we can get her that elusive Le Cellier reservation…she promised to take all of us with her on her trip!!! (OK…so I just made that part up.)


The Mrs.

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2 Responses to The ADR Challenge

  1. I’m guessing the bulk of the problem is she’s searching for a table of 11 and the reservation system simply doesn’t do tables that size. I’ve never done a Grand Gathering, but it would seem there should be a dedicated reservation for groups, as otherwise this would be a continuous problem. Here’s a link I found on a quick search, and there is a phone # at the bottom. Maybe it’ll help?

    • Thanks for the link, Deej! Interestingly, the online reservations system did seem to accomodate a party of 11, there was some availability just not at the venues she originally wanted. Even the online reps were breaking apart the group and still coming up empty handed. I will mention to her about the Grand Gatherings specialist being able to book dining…I know she did originally have contact with that department. I really appreciate the input and will post a progress report 🙂

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