Welcome Babes in Disneyland Blog Hop Readers and thanks to all for stopping by today’s “themed” post:  Summer!!!  “Babes” and co-host Disney On Wheels couldn’t have picked a better day since temps here in the NY area are screaming up to the high 90’s.  And I. love. It.  🙂  I understand without A/C,  life would suck.  According to my kids, this is the case at school.  Funny though, that when we travel around Walt Disney World in August, no one’s complaining!   Which is exactly what I wanted to talk about today:

My Top Three Tips to Beat the Heat in the Happiest Place on Earth!

Since my oldest entered Middle School, our “family vacation” time is pretty much in sync with the school calendar.  We’ve had a chance to get a winter break down south to Walt Disney World here and there but primarily we stick to the good ole’ summertime.  I personally have no issue with the heat (and like it “Africa Hot”) but Florida temps do take their toll on even the most serious park warrior!  Here’s what we do to help keep our cool:

Get “ The  Look” – We dress lightly.  It’s mostly shorts, capris, t-shirts and sundresses for my crew.  Also, I try to stick to anything that I know can get wet and washes well.  Seems obvious but you’d be surprised what fashion victims we’ve spotted prancing around in the parks!  And we always bring or purchase a hat.  My daughter tends to like to make her first stop on Main Street USA inside Magic Kingdom, a hat buying expedition.  The difference with and without a hat is crazy in the Florida heat!  It will save you painful scalp sunburn and make you feel way cooler.  Also, sunglasses are a must.  We’ve recently seen news reports here on how you can actually get “sunburn” in your eyes…yikes!!

Sporting "The Look" inside the Magic Kingdom

Water, Water, Everywhere – Hydration is key!  Drink loads of it, anytime you can.  Make sure it’s not just carbonated or caffeinated beverages, either.   Dehydration can happen quickly in extreme heat.  When we fly to WDW, we have water delivered to our resort from GardenGrocer.com.  Though many people bring water with them, one way or another.  Saves us from having to purchase water on snack credits or pay out-of-pocket and the parks allow you to bring it in.  I understand that most counter service eateries will also provide you with a cup of water on request.  In my mind however, that’s asking for lots of water all the time.  Realistically, I don’t see how anyone would do that enough to keep themselves properly hydrated during a summertime visit.  Yes, it’s a lot to lug all those water bottles into the park but you could also bring your own refillable waterbottle.  I haven’t tried it but I understand that this product, Hydro Flask is excellent.

Give it a Rest – Breaks are key!  Whether it’s hitting a shady bench, finding an indoor eatery with A/C, hopping on your favorite dark ride or heading back to the hotel for a midday swim break….do it and do it often.   If I had a dollar for every overtired, overheated park guest I’ve seen in August, I’d be rich (not just toddlers…cranky adults, too!) Kick back and relax, you’ll enjoy the rest of your day so much better.

Since outside my NY doorstep today is just like Orlando in August, I am taking all of my advice to get through my day.  Oooooh, and one more tip…it wouldn’t be summer in Orlando without a pop up thundershower!  Be prepared by picking up a poncho in any park, Walmart or sometimes you can even find a rain jacket at your local dollar store…just like I did!

Dollar Store Rain Jacket...FAIL

Hey, I want my dollar back! 🙂


The Mrs.

PS  For more great tips check out Disney On a Dime!

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14 Responses to Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

  1. ~jill says:

    I don’t know how anyone does Florida in the summer….I bow to your super powers.

  2. Lucinda says:

    I used to live in FL and I found the only difference between summers there and summers in IL is that it does not cool down at night in FL.

    But I don’t mind the heat in FL either. I figure it’s a fair trade off for all the beautiful tropical plants that can grow there. I love palm trees!!!

  3. Melissa says:

    Great advice. A hat does make a huge difference. My favorite is a ball cap with a Union Jack I bought at Epcot. Stay cool! 🙂

  4. Beth Green says:

    too funny! I love the poncho picture!!

  5. Great Tips! Especially the one about staying hydrated! I think people often forget how important drinking water throughout the day really is! 🙂

  6. Joseph Maake says:

    I ‘ve never seen you in capris’ ever! (at least not here in NY.)….But we all know how good Mr. Daddy MouseEars looks in his sundresses!

    • Come over to my closet and I’ll happily give you a Capri Tour! And not just my closet…Missy MouseEars too :). In fact, being as leggy as I am…basically all my pants are capris :p

      • Joseph Maake says:

        I think I’d rather go on Mr. Mommy MouseEars sundresses tour! LOL! I guess in the summer we’re always in bathing suits by the pool so I never get to see the capri side of you! Believe it or not one season they were showing capris for men! Thank god that trend never caught on!

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