This has been quite a week. Full of more than the usual ups and downs. I said goodbye to a friend who lost her battle with cancer and I saw my oldest begin his journey into high school. My daughter performed with her special needs dance group to a standing ovation and my father could not join us because he is recuperating from a broken pelvis. And with each event…hugs. Hugs get me through both bad and good. Something about this simple gesture that speaks much more to me than words.

When we’re in Disney, I like to load up on hugs. Because there are times like this when it’s comforting to look back at my photos and think,

“Yeah, that was a good one”.

(((( Mwah )))),

The Mrs.

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4 Responses to Hugs

  1. I’m sorry about the loss of your friend and about your dads broken pelvis, ouch. I think it is amazing what hugs can do! Congrats to your daughters performance. I have two daughters who perform on a special needs cheer team and it always amazes me to watch them perform and the reaction the audience gives them, I always cry!

  2. Bird says:

    Wow, here I had also fallen behind on my reading, and I thought I had a rough week… You, your family, and your friend’s family are in my prayers. And you’re right, hugs are a powerful thing! I’m sending some your way!! Just concentrate hard enough and hopefully you’ll feel them 🙂

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