You know, I’m starting to feel very comfortable with all you peeps out in the blogosphere and I think it’s time to share. (Cue sappy music…) I’d like to tell you all about my first time…staying at a Walt Disney World Resort!!

Our first ever resort was Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. I’ll never forget seeing her. Her beautiful entrance portico followed by the awe inspiring lobby. The lobby itself filled with gorgeous Mission-style furniture, Native American museum quality artifacts and a spectacular stone fireplace with inviting rocking chairs. It didn’t matter that this was not “fireplace weather”‘, folks were gathered in front just the same. Majestic music filled the space, as did the hoots and hollers from the Whispering Canyon Cafe. There was even the sound of gurgling water as a spring gently overflowed, leading out to the beautifully landscaped waterfall and pool. I was immediately in love and I barely knew her.

Our love affair lasted two years. After that I moved on to something much more “grand”…Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, then others from there.

Which was your Disney Resort “first” ?


The Mrs.

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4 Responses to My First Time

  1. My 1st “first” was a night at the Fort Wilderness Campground, but my first resort was Caribbean Beach Resort. Loved it, but would love to experience a deluxe 🙂

    • Were you in a cabin or on a campsite? We love tent camping but I feel so spoiled by every Disney resort (from deluxe to value) that I think I’d be totally bummed sleeping on my own air mattress 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    The first time I stayed on property was in 97 at All Star Music with my parents & sister. We thought it was the greatest! We haven’t stayed in a deluxe yet but I would love to stay at the Wilderness Lodge.

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