A friend of mine recently posted a Facebook profile pic which was a mall-type Easter Bunny character.  The kind that looks like he has seen his share of boogery hands.  There’s also something a bit creepy about any adult-size bunny.  Or maybe it’s just me…

Seeing this “character” pic reminded me of my very special Easter story.  I like to call it “Ax Murder at the Shopping Mall”.  When my daughter was about 2 years old, we took her to visit with our local Easter Bunny.  We plopped her onto the giant rabbit’s lap took a load of pictures and were about to rescue her from his clutches, when he set her down.  She then chose to do a full face plant.  She cut her lip a tiny bit but there was lots of blood.  No, not just lots.  There was blood everywhere!  Kind of like a crime scene you’d see on tv.  She proceeded to howl for 20 minutes attracting much attention, mostly from other concerned mothers who were waiting behind us in line and mall security.  Needless to say, my now 10 year-old daughter still avoids the mall bunny.  I’m guessing that the other 20 kids who were waiting behind her in line that day avoid him, too.

Now, just like a true Easter story, my tale includes a miracle!  I was a bit nervous during our first Walt Disney World trip which came a couple of years after the bunny incident.  I knew that character meets were everywhere but I just figured I’d let her take the lead and she’d decide if she was interested or not.  Well, to this day meeting the characters is one of her favorite things to do…and mine, too. 


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