Normally on Thursday, I participate in a wonderful Disney Blog Hop hosted by Babes in Disneyland. Unfortunately it’s postponed until next week. Our host shared some sad news about the passing of her much loved family dog, Jake. Being the ridiculously huge animal lover I am, it made made me genuinely sad. Brings back too many memories. At the same time though it also serves as a reminder of just how wonderful animals are and how they enrich our existence. Part of the reason why I love Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge so much.

As a guest, you’re given an “all access” pass to life on an African savannah. From room balconies to observation areas, you are able to lose yourself and become part of something normally only seen on television nature shows. Sometimes, you even catch a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes…which brings me to Mary. Sipping my morning coffee and watching the World come alive is one of my favorite things. One morning, an ostrich wasn’t wanting much to do with a Cast Member who was trying to get her attention. The ostrich was called Mary. When the rest of the MouseEars Family woke up, I introduced them to Mary, who was still hanging out in the area. From that day on, Mary became one of “us”. We looked for her all the time. We called all ostriches “Mary” until one looked at us funny. We chatted with her off the room balcony, when we thought it was her. Amazing. As I said, animals enrich our lives and that Mary, really added something special to our stay.



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  1. Lucinda says:

    That is special! Magical Mary…she’s beautiful.

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