The MouseEars Family is currently in the “transportation” planning stage for our eighth trip to Walt Disney World!  Well, technically it’s my ninth if I count the time I visited with my parents at age 13 when my Mom wound up in the ER with strep throat forcing us to hit the parks with my non-Disney loving Dad.  Pardon me, while I shudder.  I love taking advantage of free dining, which is generally offered in the shoulder season and I love the Florida heat.  However, recently I’ve found this transport part of planning to be a real budget buster!  As New Yorkers, flying was our favorite mode of transport. The New York area boasts multiple airports and endless numbers of airlines.  Flying was often our only choice as well when visiting Mr. MouseEars relatives in England.  However these days, besides the cost and security hassles, I think airlines have sucked the fun out of the airline travel “experience”.   Leading us to consider the options…we can travel by plane, train or automobile.  

Our first drive to Florida was 10 years ago.  At the end of that adventure, Mr. MouseEars turned to me and said, “Never. Again.”  I have to admit, I agreed.   This past February, we wanted a cheap winter break.   Flying was expensive and so was the Amtrak AutoTrain.  So, we gave driving a second chance and we liked it!  Here’s what we learned the second time around…

Get advice from the pros!  I started reading, reading and reading on  Mainly the 2000+mile Round Trip Drivers Only page under Transportation .  It’s full of info on everything from routes to best barbeque pits to timing.  We chose to do the trip with one overnight stay per direction, picked rest stops based on recommendations and completed our first drive through the night.  It went ridiculously well! 

So here we are again…flights are pricey this summer, the Amtrak Auto Train is running a wonderful deal with $19 fares for kids but driving is still a bit more economical.  Also, look how well driving went for us the last time! Hmmmm.

Now, on to something completely different!   I love the Magic Kingdom, so what’s my Disney fantasy?? A night in Cinderella’s Castle!!  Here’s a report from another Mom Blogger who got to live my dream.  Ok, so castles don’t do it for you, huh?? Then, check out these fabulous new specialty rooms coming to Walt Disney World Resorts in March 2012!


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