Being the proud owner/operator of a teen and an almost tween, getting up early on a weekday is no big deal.  First off, the start times at each school is early anyway and then when you roll in a few “before school” activities it makes for getting up at the crack of dawn!  For DS, when he hits high school next year he’ll be standing at the bus stop the night before.  That’s how ridiculously early the bus will pick him up.

As you can imagine, when we’re on vacation…the last thing we really “want” to do is climb out of bed at some crazy hour even if it’s to go have us some fun.  A.M. Magic Hours offered to resort guests is not a good thing for the MouseEars bunch.  P.M. Magic Hours however, are tops!  But during our last summer vacation I wanted to offer up a challenge.  How about making a Rope Drop??  Now, for anybody reading who’s not down with the lingo, “Rope Drop” is the official daily park opening, which comes with fanfare and lots of peeps trying to get in before the crowds hit.  There are some Disney parks that make a bigger deal of “Rope Drop” than others.  Magic Kingdom’s Rope Drop is considered to be a must do event!  Well, the family took the bait and we off we went…

Arriving on time was a challenge.  We were staying at the spectatcular Animal Kingdom Lodge and that is about as far away from Magic Kingdom as it gets.  Also, we relied on Disney transportation so we had to take everything into account: getting up and out of our room, Disney transportation to the Magic Kingdom and arriving about 30 minutes early to get a spot with some decent views.  Amazingly, it all timed out perfect!  And Magic Kingdom Rope Drop was awesome.  Here’s a short vid to prove it,  kindly ignore my cackling laugh…who let a chicken in to Rope Drop, anyway? 


As you can barely see it even eeeked a smile out of my teenager who did nothing but ask why this had to be so freakin’ early???

 Now, set your alarm clock and go already!


The Mrs.

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