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I’m Bettina, also known as Mrs. Mommy MouseEars!  A stay-at-home Momtrepreneur of two kids (a teenage boy and girl) and wife to my wonderful British husband of 27 years.  The purpose of this website is to have fun by offering glimpses into my crazy life, with a distinctly Disney spin.  If we’re not having a good time, you (or I) may stop this ride and proceed to the nearest exit.  I enjoy pretty much all things Disney and I do not take life too seriously.  There’ll be loads of Walt Disney World info, advice, “Meet the Disney Fan” interviews, product reviews and even contests!  Why not??!!  As a former marketing executive, I love a contest.  So, as Mickey Mouse says, “Everybody neat and pretty? Then on with the show!”

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  1. My husband just read the biography of Walt Disney, a fascinating (and culturally-visionary) person.

    Apparently, Mrs Disney referred to herself as a “mouse widow”… 😉

  2. Better-Days says:

    A long, long time ago in a universe far, far away there were kids who dared to be different. We bought and loved the music that was printed on wax, which we called vinyl. I’ll be calling the 92.7 Airline, will you answer? My vote for the screamer of the week is……

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